Mark Daly

Cork-based Irish rocker Mark Daly is releasing some of his best music yet. His new maxi-single Drop Dead is now available and it follows his successful EP Nothing to Lose. Indie Buddie stated, “Mark’s raspy vocals and dynamic energy pulsing throughout Gotta Run is a satisfying rock stomper.” His sound is raw, energetic rock music that has influences from classic rock, post-grunge, and modern rock, creating a unique blend that is Mark’s signature sound.

Mark was first discovered while performing in his band, The Voodoos, in Spain. During one of their shows, music manager Brian Message (Radiohead, Nick Cave), was in the crowd and requested that Mark play some original songs as he really liked the band’s energy and sound. After performing five brand-new originals that night, Brian decided to bring the band to London to record their first professional EP. It was in this defining moment that Mark decided to become a full-time musician and never looked back.

One early highlight in Mark’s career was performing at the MTV EMA Awards with The Voodoos, after beating 10,000+ bands from Europe for the slot. From there, Mark and the band began to tour throughout Europe and the USA. While honing their skills along the way, Mark made the decision to go solo. His first venture as a solo artist hit #1 on the Scottish New Music Charts with his autism awareness charity solo single Your World, inspired by his son, Noah.

Mark’s fiery vocals and rock artistry have never been up for debate. After building an impressive following touring with Geoff Tate (Queensrÿche) and Candlebox, Mark met the owners of One Opportunity Records. They met in a pub in Belfast, Ireland when they were part of a tour group on one of Geoff Tate’s Backstage Pass Travel excursions. When they saw Mark play the next night, they were blown away by his performance. They decided to start a private record label to fully back Mark and take his career to the next level.

Mark recently finished recording at the famed Sonic Ranch Studios with Grammy-nominated producer Brian Virtue (Jane’s Addiction, Audioslave, 30 Seconds to Mars). “Working with Brian at Sonic Ranch has been the best recording experience that I’ve had in my music career to date. Brian completely understood the band’s sound and knew exactly how to get the very best out of us and capture our raw and energetic style of music while letting us remain as creative as possible as a band.”

Mark is always excited to be on tour. “I love absolutely everything about being on the road – meeting so many incredible people each night, getting lost in the music on stage. It’s pure magic.”

Mark’s evolution in an artist will be seen in his new work set to come out soon. “My songwriting over the last few years has matured and I believe that I write more honestly and from the heart now while still maintaining the same raw songwriting style that I started off with.”

“Daly’s performance highlighted his wide vocal range and guitar talent (he grabbed his acoustic for a handful of songs), delivering an in-your-face rock-and-roll tone that captured the attention of the attendees. Having never been exposed to Daly before, my initial reaction was that he was like an Irish Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) if there can be such a thing.” – Elliot Gordon, All Music Magazine

“Irish rocker Mark Daly understandably has been getting noticed. Mark’s sound is raw, energetic rock music that has influences from classic rock bands, but also appreciates a modern rock sound with a blend of both.” – Fred Bonanno, Metal Temple

“Mark Daly won Battle of the Bands, coming in with a devastating 5,139 votes. Daly is an Irish rocker with serious musical chops, blending rock, Irish, and jam-band, creating a signature sound you won’t catch elsewhere.” – Metal Devastation Radio