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Gotta Run is a fiery, swagger-filled tune that boasts the colossal rock sound of Mark Daly. The band takes a brawny drum foundation and douse kinetic guitars, riveting bass lines, and blues sprinkled panache on top to create a tune that is a glorious assault on the senses. The song is well crafted as the band blends classic rock elements with earworm melodies to create that big arena rock sing-along before the song unfolds into a swirling frenzy for the manic crescendo. With rasped vocals and dynamic energy pulsing throughout, Gotta Run is a satisfying rock stomper that displays the magnificent sound of Mark Daly and the Ravens.” – Indie Buddie

Nothing to Lose [is] a great song that manages to transport the listener to that hard rock atmosphere, but in a very original way that doesn’t sound like any big band of the genre. [This is] something that I find amazing to be able to create within the style and still maintain its uniqueness! Check it out. It’s worth the play.” – Andre Alonso, Metal Junkbox

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